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MetaTrader 4 Tutorial For Beginners iPhone Rundown

What’s up ladies and gents. Hey, listen, are you looking for a MetaTrader four tutorial? That’s for beginners, for iPhone. If so you are in the right place for more Forex crypto currency videos. Guys, go ahead and subscribe to my channel and also click the bell notification above to be notified when I drive new content every week. All right, what is going on ladies and gents? This is Eddie Harvey coming to you from my home here, Chicago, Illinois. Hey, listen.

What I want to do today? I want to talk to you guys about, uh, giving you guys, well, not really talk to give you guys a MetaTrader for a breakdown, a walkthrough. If you’re on iPhone, I’m going to share with you what the inside of it looks like and what you can get access to and how to just go ahead and navigate it. So let’s get right into it.

All right, ladies and gents. So listen, what we’re going to do. We’re going to talk about, I’m going to give you a quick, MetaTrader four tutorial, four for beginners who are using it on their iPhone. So if you look here on my screen in the corner here, left hand corner, you’re going to see MetaTrader four, right? So let’s tap that.

Now what we’re going to do here guys, is that we’re going to go over here as see, as you can see, it has already, that’s a Hugo’s way demo account I have selected, but when you first get to MetaTrader four, you’re going to have a bevy of options here. So when you log in, you’re going to see new account mailbox, uh, news trade, uh, Trey days, you have to worry about any of that. None, any of those other stuff, I don’t focus on any of it.

Uh, the first thing you want to look for is new account. So if you come to new account is going to give you a couple of options. Okay? Uh, you’re going to have open a demo account or log into an existing account. Okay? So, or excuse me, uh, obviously to open a real account, please contact your broker. So they’re telling you that because you can open a MetaTrader for demo account as well.

So if I wanted to open a demo account, as you can see, there’s a MetaTrader four demo count. There’s a Hugo’s way demo account. Now, if you had another broker, whatever broker you wanted to select, you would click under here on the servers. And then all you’re going to do is you search it, find your broker. So let’s say if you had a brokerage account with FX choice and just naming some brokers, or are you going to do is type in FX choice, right?

Excuse me. Then it will show right here, classic demo and pro demo. So whatever broker you have an account with, right? If it was Hugo’s way, he was way demo. Okay? Whatever broker you just type in the first letter, a whoever it is, um, all you have to do is simply just start typing in whatever the beginning alphabet is for that name. And it will come up simple as that. Alright, so let’s go back out of here.

Now, if you want to log into an existing account, you can see here log into an existing account, use your login to connect a login password. So connect to the broker of your choice. Now, when you come in here, if you have already set up a brokerage account, as you can see a few of my County, he got, uh, he goes way real. You got it.

He goes away demo. I got KLT live. So whoever you have once again, the same thing is going to allow you to just start typing in and looking for real accounts. So if you had trailers way, okay, try this way, try this way. Demo, trade is way live. And all you would do is that you will select your live account, your demo account, whatever. And you would then, uh, is going to ask you for a username and password.

Let’s say if I wanted to do traders way, okay, let me go back to that. And they’ll say, I want to do a live account. Now it’s going to ask me for my login that I set up what trade is, wait, my, my, uh, which is going to be your, uh, empty for, uh, excuse me, your, your empty for your MetaTrader four login number, your account login number.

Should I say, excuse me, and the password you set up, which you should receive in your email. So whatever your email address is, just go type in, uh, whatever. If this trade is way trader’s way account, and then it’ll pop up with your username and password, and then you would just enter that in and then you’ll be on to the database. So we’re going to go back here once you’re onto the database. As you can see here, it’ll show you your different accounts. So as you can see here, I have multiple accounts. It’ll show you real live demo for whatever broken. Don’t say real. Let us say demo. I got a few accounts in here because I separate my accounts by Forex, by crypto, by indices. Uh, so I, I got everything kind of sectioned out, okay.

To what I’m trading, uh, my account that I’m compound and the account that I’m utilizing to pool from weekly. So a lot of different things you see here, but as you can see, I really like Hugo’s ways you can tell from this. And by no means from watching this video, am I telling you to get Hugo’s way, you’re free to get whoever you want to get. Okay. All right. So let’s go back over here. Now, once you have your demo set up, once you’re logged in. So if I want to login to go to my demo, I have selected here. Look at the bottom. You’re going to see quotes,

Move this.

You’ll see quotes, chart, trade history, and settings. Okay. What you want to go to is click the trade button. Now, when you click trade, it’ll show you, once you set up your, uh, your demo account, whoever your broker was, when you set up your demo account, uh, it’ll show you a balance and it showed the equity, uh, margin, free margin, all that stuff, right? And margin level percentage. So now from here, you would go over again to quotes, excuse me, not quotes.

You’re going to go to a chart, not chart. I’m losing myself quotes. Yes. We’re going to go to quotes. Okay. And when you go to quotes, as you can see, it’ll show all of the brokers, it’ll show all of the brokers, right. That you have right here. And it’ll typically have the main eight. The main eight are AUD USD, Euro, USD, GBP, USD.

NZD USD. You can you check UJ. Uh, and those are the main ones. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. All right. And then these are a couple of more, I got at it right here. Okay. So if you want to add more pairs, more currency pairs, you just hit the plus sign in the top right hand corner. So when I click on that, I can come in here. And now, as you can see, I can add exotics, indices, futures, stocks, FX crosses, energies, metals cryptos. So one of the reasons I like he was way just telling why is because I can trade again, Forex. I can trade indices. I can shape trade futures, uh, oils, metals, uh, cryptos. I can trade at all. So, uh, that’s why I like utilizing them. So if I wanted to ask more ethics crosses, I would come here.

And now this is where I can add all of the main effects. Cross pairs. Okay. Simple was that. So it was pretty simple, guys. It’s not hard to use at all. Hey guys, listen, I know this video is a little long, but you’re half way there. Stay with me. All right. We’re at the halfway point, take a break, relax, get your cup of coffee, whatever you need to do, but you’re almost there. All right.

Keep watching. Uh, and that pretty much that’s all to it. If you want to check, you got down your history. So you’ll say if a trade closed out, you would collect, go select history. And when you select history, it will show nothing today or show the week or whatever. So a couple of trades I took on this new demo account. I mean, it shows right there. Uh, you know what it shows then it’ll show for the month.

Okay? All of that, you can customize it to show and right up here to share all of that, you can customize it to show whatever the days and the weeks you want to show. Okay. Now, if you want to go to the charts, go back over here to charts. And this is what the charts is at. Okay? When you go to charts, if you look here, if you were saying, well, how do I add indicators?

Anything like that? The first thing you want to hit, or you want to go to the top of the screen and you want to hit the, a FX button. Okay. Hit the F the F student, the little F button right here in the middle. You hit that. You come here, you got your main window. It’s telling you what to do to add an indicator, tap window title. Once you tap on the title, you come in here.

Here’s where all your indicators are at trends, right? Isolators you got everything right in. There there go. Your, your, your mag D you know, moving average of oscillator. RSI of that is in here. Okay. Fibonacci. Everything is in here. Okay. So you can add it all from right here. All right.

So when you go back out, let’s say if I wanted to add moving averages, okay. Now when I go in here, you’re showing you how to do it. You can select the period. If I want to do a 50 moving average, I could, you could select method, changing the simple or exponential. However, I want to do it open or close. I can do that. Everything. If I wanted to change the colors I could. So if I wanted to keep this blue, if I wanted to add a level, I could go on to keep this blue, where I can change the color.

You can do it. All right here, I’ll leave the blue just to show you what it looks like. Now. There’s the 50 moving average line right there. That’s how it would look. Okay. Now, as you can see, I got a black grid. If I wanted to change my main grid, I’ll show you how to do that in a second. Um, first, let’s go talk about the plus button here.

So when you hit the plus button here, all it’s doing is taking, uh, as you can see, it brings up like the little radius line that you can move around, see that, but, uh, the vertical, horizontal line box, if you want to track something. So if you don’t want that on, just hit that plus, and it’ll take it off. Now, if you go over here, this is where I can delete objects. All of that. If I want to delete all of this diff these different things I could. Okay. Or if I wanted to add an object, I could. So if I wanted to add, let’s say this is, I just add a Fibonacci. I just hit that from there.

There’s Fibonacci added in right there. Right. But I want to delete it. I just hold on. It deleted. Boom. Okay. So once you play around with it, you’ll see how simple it is to use it. I press down on the screen. It’ll take the, uh, it’ll take all of the grid lines way. I put it back up. It’ll bring them up.

If I press down on the tap the screen again, you can see here. I got trade. I got indicators, objects, and settings. Now, if I go to settings, this is where I can go change my colors at I can change from a bar chart to align charts, uh, to canvas stakes. If I want a bar chart, I do that. You can see I’ll go back. Now. I got bar charts. Okay. So, um, put up the wrong thing. Put that off of there.

Uh, where am I? Oh, no, I don’t think very much screen back where we go. Oh, there it is. Okay. Back to what, sorry, man. I got all types of things going in here. Uh, there we go. Getting back to where I was at. So coming back in here, um, from here, if I clap, tap back on the screen again, I go to settings.

If I want to change the colors, I can do it all from there. You can know, I can take off the ax price line, period, separators trade levels. You can take off all of these different things. Okay? So I want to change the colors. I can come in here. I can change my, make my custom screen. I can go custom or I can go black on white, green on black. So if I wanted to go green on black, I do that. Now you’re going to see that my screen is diff, there you go. Green on black. Okay.

I want to go back to the basic black on white screen. It’s the same thing. Boom. That was going to be a white screen with black. There you go. So you can see, I prefer the darker screen. You can change the color of your candles, all these different things, play around with it. And, uh, it’s real simple, guys. You just gotta get in here for the most part. What empty for Clare around with the settings.

And I know this was for iPhone, but it’s very similar, I believe on, on, um, on, uh, [inaudible]. It was very similar on, uh, Android as well. So, Oh, I got to get that back. So I didn’t throw my sons off guys, but it’s all good. I’ll get them back to what I had them at. But, uh, yeah. I just wanted to share this with you guys. I worry about that later.

I hope you all receive some value from this. So obviously cameras see too much and none of that, that’s Whoa, that’s really bright night. So let’s get up off of that. So guys there, you have it. That’s pretty much a breakdown of meditator. Uh that’s what a on the inside. That’s what it looks like, uh, play around with the app is great. Just keep, keep, uh, getting your settings right.

You can, until you get comfortable. That’s the biggest thing. I like my dark screen with my red and green canvas. That’s what works best for me. And once again, you can add any and everything from inside of it. So, uh, if I went a little fast, I know I made this video a little longer, but just go back and rewatch it and you’ll be able to see all of the things that you can do inside a MetaTrader four.

Especially if you utilize them from your phone guys, this is going to be your main hub for trader, right? So you want to get familiar with what you have access to. All right. So, so there you have guys, listen, I hope you received some value from that. I truly appreciate you guys checking it out. I went a little longer than I wanted to, but I definitely wanted to drop value for you guys.

Listen, if you want to learn more about Forex trading, if you’re looking to learn how to trade Forex and or crypto guys, be sure to check out the link below in the comments section, or simply go to the trade with to find out more about the platform. But I utilize also guys, I have a free community over on Facebook. Feel free to join that guys. Why I give an inside look, tips, uh, techniques or results from the products that’s inside of our platform as well.

So be sure to hop over on Facebook and join me on my community over there. Once again, ladies suggest I truly appreciate you all hopping on. Yeah. And I hope you received value guys. And if you did, if you found this video to be of value to you, do me a huge favor and go ahead and hit that light button and also be sure to go ahead and subscribe to my channel and then definitely click the bell notification to be notified when not combo more videos for you guys weekly. Once again. Thank you. I appreciate you. And

I’ll talk to you all later. Take care. What is up ladies and gents? Hey that you enjoyed the video. If you did, and you want to check out more of my content. Go ahead. I got two videos right here for you to check out, uh, related to the topic that we just discussed. And listen, if you want to see more of my content, be sure to subscribe to my channel and also hit that bell notification to be notified when I drop them content. Also don’t forget to like.

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